Bookbinding: Skeletal Trees

Skeletal Trees

Back in the Wintry months of 2012, when I and my friends were discussing Christmas and presents, I was struck with an idea. As we are bookish types (evident by undertaking a degree in publishing), what better way to celebrate Christmas by giving out books? Unfortunately, it is now more like Christmavalentines due to my inability to undertake large gift projects and get them done in time for the giving. Yes, that’s right, I delved into the realm of bookbinding for the very first time. I have to say, I am pleased with the results.

Below you will find six plain hardback notebooks, five of which have personalised designs on the first page, which are also pictured. (The sixth was a tester, which I will be keeping and cherishing as my first hand-sewn creation, there will be more to come and more blogs to come about them and if you want one I am open to commissions! winkwinknudgenudgecoughcough)

Each are roughly A5 and have 100 pages of 100gsm white paper. I can’t remember what gsm the boards are but I do know that I have oodles of it left. Endpapers are black 150gsm (I think) paper and only span the boards rather than being the regular style of endpapers, I also have oodles of that left. The spine and decoration is wallpaper from Homebase, a design by Graham & Brown (which may be called Burlesque but I can’t quite remember). All of that is held together with white cotton (next time I will be using waxed cotton) and craft glue. They took about three days, are not perfect and were rather therapeutic.

The next few months, around internships and deadlines and Nanna-caring and dog-walking and socialising (phew!), I will be experimenting with various different techniques and materials. I am very excited and will be sharing the journey and the results here, on the blog, for your amusement.

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