In which I adore Beauty and the Beast


I have been waiting for this film. Waiting and waiting and waiting, giddy with excitement, and thrusting my grabby little hands at every trailer, clip, b-roll and featurette that surfaced. I adore Beauty and the Beast in all of its forms and am forever seeking wonderful adaptations to dig my teeth into (if you know of any, please list them in the comments).

Beauty and the Beast was probably my most-watched animated film as a child, not just because it’s based on one of my most loved fairy tales, or because it’s about a girl with brown hair who loves books, but because it has one of the most beautiful scores I have ever heard. The music under the narration of the prologue is a piece that has been playing on repeat in my dreams for most of my life. Alan Menken is a genius.

You can imagine my excitement when I heard the absolutely beautiful rendition of a portion of it in one of the trailers. I squealed so loudly that my boyfriend heard it even with his headphones on. Every time I hear that familiar refrain, I feel it in my stomach and my skin tingles. It’s, perhaps, my favourite piece of music ever written, so to hear it in that deliciously orchestrated manner was incredible but not nearly as incredible as seeing it in the film. I will admit that I did miss the stained glass prologue but the scenes that replace it more than make up for it. They set the tone and the standard for a visually stunning film. That whole sequence was glorious from the make-up to the costumes, to the dancing.

The casting of LeFou and Gaston was spot on. They were perfect, and the character growth in LeFou was possibly my favourite part of the whole film. The live-action definitely went darker with Gaston than its animated predecessor but still stuck the the slightly campy, wonderfully ridiculous stylings of the song ‘Gaston’. I bloomin’ love it.


While it’s not my favourite Beauty and the Beast adaptation in existence – that accolade goes to Christophe Gans’ 2014 film La Belle et la Bête – it definitely makes me happy. It’s everything I wanted from the live-action, I especially liked that they wrote entirely new songs instead of including the extra tracks from the stage musical (though I love those too). I was slightly nervous about Emma Watson’s singing ability, and though her voice has been edited, it’s not too distracting and I was pleasantly surprised.

I would go and see it again in a heart beat.

One of the things that I love most about the whole thing is the posters. They are so incredibly beautiful and I want all of them. Just look at them.

Are these not some of the most beautiful film posters you have ever seen?

Overall, I think the film is lovely, and it was lovely to watch it in a cinema packed full of children – most of whom were dressed as princesses and made my heart leak everywhere.

10 thoughts on “In which I adore Beauty and the Beast

  1. I really want to see this because Beauty and the Beast is my favourite too. I’ve been addicted to the soundtrack for the last few weeks and I’ve now started listening to the French version of the soundtrack as well, though I’m still not used to the new lyrics (they’re a bit wordy). And YAY!! Someone else who also loves the 2014 adaptation of Beauty and the Beast! It’s one of the only French films I will watch a lot!

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      1. I think I actually prefer it but then I’ve always preferred watching BatB in French – it feels more natural to me.

        Like with the English lyrics, I’m trying to get used to the change in wording. They’ve altered all but two of the songs (the title track and Be Our Guest) and they’re still good but when I’ve tried to sing them myself parts of Belle feel like a tongue twister. I think it is just a case of getting used to it.

        I’d love to have a physical copy of the French soundtrack so I can listen to it everywhere. Currently I can only listen to it on YT and even then when I use my ipod, some of the tracks are blocked.

        And if what I read on YT was correct, the actress providing the French dubbing for Belle is the same person who provided Anna’s voice over for Frozen. What I don’t understand though is that for the ‘bonjour Monsieur Jean’ line in Belle, Emma’s voice was left as it is. Maybe because the accent was rather good and natural but it sounds odd next to the rest of the vocals.

        I still really like it though!


  2. I seriously just said the same thing to my sister about the music accompanying the narration! It’s my favorite piece in the entire movie :)
    But now Celine Dion’s How Does A Moment Last Forever is a runner up :D
    I have yet to watch the 2014 film, but I really want to… Especially since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale.
    Great review!

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    1. Is it not the prettiest music in the history of the universe?
      Celine Dion gave me so many 90s flashbacks. :P

      You really should, it’s incredible! They’ve released a dubbed English version, which I still need to see! (I was watching the French one with subtitles.) It’s such a beautiful film.

      Thank you!

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