Design I like: Musical Posters

I haven’t done one of these posts in a very long time. In fact, I started this one in… 2015. (Whoops.) It kept being pushed back by other posts and before I knew it, it was at the bottom of my drafts pile.

I adore musicals, and while I worked in London I often found myself stopping to stare at the beautiful posters on display in the Underground (even before I knew they were for musicals at times) – it’s one of the things I miss about working in London. These are some of my favourites.

The time has come for this series to make a comeback, including the covers I really like. Cover design has been fantastic lately, and I am ready to shout about it again.

8 thoughts on “Design I like: Musical Posters

  1. I love the Woman in White poster. I actually have an edition of the book that has that cover. I also really like The Light Princess. I wish that the show had come to the US. As far as I’m aware it only played in London.

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    1. Oh, really? I never realised they released a book with it!

      Yes, The Light Princess was only in London. (They’re actually doing a concert version for one night only in a few months with the original Althea.) I was incredibly lucky and managed to see it while it was at the National Theatre. It’s my favourite musical. It deserves to be shown everywhere, it’s such a beautiful show.


      1. Yeah, I bought that copy of The Woman in White, around the time that the show was on Broadway. I think it was a limited release to tie in with the musical.

        I really hope that a production of The Light Princess makes it to the US at some point.

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      1. I collect playbills, which I did not do before I had a passion for musicals. The playbills help me remember what cast I saw and in my hometown if there is an understudy there is a slip of paper saying that there is one.

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