r/TheKeyhole, and a quick hello


See, look how quick that was.

This website has existed for a long time and taken many different forms. From art to blogging, back to art, back to blogging…

It has been about books and life and design and everything in between. But mostly it has been sat here. Well, it has been sat here for over a year anyway.

I recently decided that I need to take myself seriously and I need to take my writing seriously⁠—so that’s what this is. Here you will now find my work, as and when it appears, as I navigate my way through the perilous seas of publishing.

First, in journals and magazines and then⁠—we hope⁠—books.

To anyone who is still here and chooses to remain here: thank you.

I’ve recently been noodling around on reddit, particularly the r/WritingPrompts community, writing silly little stories.

I decided I ought to gather them somewhere.

And so r/TheKeyhole was born, where you can find everything that I cannot otherwise publish. I’m quite fond of it. I might post my favourite things here as well. We shall see.

I never quite know how to end these things, so I shall end it with a quote that has been keeping me sane throughout my writing⁠—and living⁠—process since around 2013:

So it is written – but so, too, it is crossed out. You can write it over again. You can make notes in the margins. You can cut out the whole page. You can, and you must, edit and rewrite and reshape and pull out the wrong parts like bones and find just the thing and you can forever, forever, write more and more and more, thicker and longer and clearer. Living is a paragraph, constantly rewritten. It is Grown-Up Magic.

Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two

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