Inktober ’15: Week Two

I love October. I love the way the leaves change colour, I love the way the sky lights up when the sun rises and sets, I love that there is a holiday based on everything weird and wonderful (with strong folklorey roots). October, possibly tied with September though I am not sure, is my favourite month.

Now that I’m on the 12th day of Inktober, I have another reason to love October: I get to create something every day. I could do this any month, of course, but having a deadline and a specific tool to slot into each piece means that I am actually doing it. At the end of Week Two, I am feeling driven, and a little bit smug. I like it.

This week, I expanded my Letraset collection by buying some blacks and a basic set of bright colours. I’ve only used colour in one image so far but am also planning on it for today’s. We shall see. Pretty much killed the two lighter grey markers that I only bought when the project started. I also got more likes on Instagram for a doodle, which I allowed myself only because of how big the day before’s piece was, than I have for my favourite Inktober illustration (I am feeling a little bitter about that, why did it have to be that one?) and almost every other come to mention it. Wonder of wonders, I ended up creating a non-Inktober related drawing as a gift, which I was very proud of.

My true triumph this week, however, was a really real background. That’s right! You read correctly! I actually drew a background, and I will be trying for another today. I really hope it wasn’t a one-time-only deal. Gulp.

As ever, click to enlarge. Enjoy!

Day six was created for a campaign currently being run by the publishing house I work for, using the hashtag #AnxiousMe! See twitter for details. You could win a comic, so you should totally check it out.

Day ten is a tribute to a beautiful game called Child of Light, which everyone should play and love, for it is incredible. Thank you to the male person for buying it for me! :)