Inktober ’15: Week Five

I did it! I stuck to my schedules (almost, we can ignore the bit where I went on holiday – I stuck to my schedules after that), I completed a project and I am happy with most of the things I created during said project. I will definitely be doing this again next year!

Week five included more brush pen experimentation, the completion of a video game and therefore another piece dedicated to it, Halloween, and returning to my biro-ie roots.

Click to enlarge!

There will be one more Inktober-related post, once I have had time to reflect. Until then, you will find me behind a sketchbook. Still.

Inktober ’15: Week Four

It may be a week late but this afternoon, I proudly return to the blog to present to you the penultimate week of Inktober. During this week, I used brush pens for the first time, got very excited about coloured biros and drew many whales. Go me!

The final Inktober weekly roundup will appear tomorrow and some extras will appear on the blog after that. Hooray.

As ever, click the images to enlarge them.

Inktober ’15: Week Three

I can hardly believe it myself… but I have made it through Week Three. Well, two weeks plus not-really-a-Week One. Over halfway through, regardless. It’s impressive when we consider my knack for saying I will do things and then ending up horrendously busy. I have decided that Sundays are messy days.

So far, I’ve not really used my list very much. I will be trying to rectify that this week. But not today, today I might try some realism. Who knows, I’ve not started it yet. We shall see.

My moleskine is looking very healthy. As ever, click to enlarge.

Inktober ’15: Week Two

I love October. I love the way the leaves change colour, I love the way the sky lights up when the sun rises and sets, I love that there is a holiday based on everything weird and wonderful (with strong folklorey roots). October, possibly tied with September though I am not sure, is my favourite month.

Now that I’m on the 12th day of Inktober, I have another reason to love October: I get to create something every day. I could do this any month, of course, but having a deadline and a specific tool to slot into each piece means that I am actually doing it. At the end of Week Two, I am feeling driven, and a little bit smug. I like it.

This week, I expanded my Letraset collection by buying some blacks and a basic set of bright colours. I’ve only used colour in one image so far but am also planning on it for today’s. We shall see. Pretty much killed the two lighter grey markers that I only bought when the project started. I also got more likes on Instagram for a doodle, which I allowed myself only because of how big the day before’s piece was, than I have for my favourite Inktober illustration (I am feeling a little bitter about that, why did it have to be that one?) and almost every other come to mention it. Wonder of wonders, I ended up creating a non-Inktober related drawing as a gift, which I was very proud of.

My true triumph this week, however, was a really real background. That’s right! You read correctly! I actually drew a background, and I will be trying for another today. I really hope it wasn’t a one-time-only deal. Gulp.

As ever, click to enlarge. Enjoy!

Day six was created for a campaign currently being run by the publishing house I work for, using the hashtag #AnxiousMe! See twitter for details. You could win a comic, so you should totally check it out.

Day ten is a tribute to a beautiful game called Child of Light, which everyone should play and love, for it is incredible. Thank you to the male person for buying it for me! :)

Inktober ’15: Week One

Happy Monday! As of last night, I have made it through not-really-a-Week One of Inktober. I am proud of myself, and shocked by the amount I have fallen in love with my materials. Last Thursday, before beginning my jaunt into the realm of ink and glory, I skipped off to the London Graphic Centre to buy some markers, a white gel pen, some fine liners and a shiny new Moleskine. I came away with three teeny tiny Microns and a set of Ice Grey Letraset Promarkers, as well as the aforementioned Moleskine; I am in love.

I’d never used markers before, and I am still getting used to them, but they are now a firm favourite in my artistic arsenal. Excellent.

Anyway, without further ado (and before I descend into a love-rant), here are the first four of my Inktober images. Hooray! (click to enlarge)

See you next Monday for Week Two!

Inktober ’15

In true Elou fashion, I have decided to leap back into this creative-activity and blogging revival head first and challenge myself. Really challenge myself. I’ve previously mentioned my inability to stick to schedules in my personal creative and bloggy sphere, and, as such, have decided to give myself not one but two. Oh.

As of tomorrow, once I have skipped out of the office to buy a new sketchbook and hopefully some creative tools, I will be embarking on Inktober. For those who don’t know, Inktober is an art challenge in which you create a new piece every single day in October using some variation of ink (schedule number one); for me, this will probably mean a lot of biro but I am hoping to experiment. To my knowledge, there isn’t an existing list of things to draw, so I am creating my own. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

To avoid clogging my blog with a new post every day (cue schedule number two), I will be posting weekly round-ups on Mondays, including images from Monday to Sunday of the week before (Thursday to Sunday of this week!), and this entry will turn into a master post of sorts. Excellent.

If you want to follow my Inktober in real time, you can follow my Instagram or my (currently empty) snazzy, new Tumblr – I thought it was about time I made one specifically for my arty endeavours, rather than just using my junk tumblr. I will be intermittently posting older photography, doodles and other art-like things. Excuse its current emptiness.

If you’re also cannon-balling into Inktober, let me know in the comments so I can follow your progress! Happy doodling!