Book Covers I Like: New Releases, August and September 2014

Hello, lovely people. This is a bumper edition of ‘Book Covers I Like’ as I took most of August off, which was both planned and unplanned at the same time.

Never fear, though, for I have several book reviews coming (including the first three Point Horror read-a-thon entries!) and some pretty exciting photography/design to post. You may have noticed there are some new pages up there in the nav bar. Go forth and click for photography and design stuff, more of which is to come.

As ever, found on Twitter, Amazon, Waterstones, Publisher websites, Goodreads and etc so pub dates may be wrong… but, still pretty. The images appear in no particular order.

EDIT 30/09/14: I realised I have featured Flying Shoes twice and am assuming the publication date changed on Goodreads, whatever happened it proves I really, really like that cover.