In my room


Personal work. Exploring the magic of personal space and the wonder that can be found in alone time.

The title is taken from a Beach Boys song of the same name, which I hold very dear to my heart.

There’s a world where I can go
and tell my secrets to
in my room
in my room…

The Trial

Models: James Sutherland and Sparrow
Make-up and styling: Dress.Simple



Personal work

I just wanted to create something pretty one day, luckily, I had someone pretty to hand

Model: Hannah

The Cloudiverse

The Cloudiverse is a self-portrait series exploring a fantastical universe set in the clouds. All characters are played by myself, bar The Professor, who takes the form of a stuffed owl.

It draws on my fascination with whimsy, story-telling and putting clouds where they have no business being.

Forever a work in progress, the Cloudiverse may never be finished. It is a journey I take with me as I grow.



Both myself and my creative partner in crime love the rain but until this photoshoot, we had never used it in photography. Originally shot for image 02 in the Definition project, this set revels in the rain and they joy of simple things. The images are as candid as we could get them in a planned shoot.

Model, make-up, hair and styling: Dress.Simple
Photography and editing: Elou Carroll



Definition is a visual dictionary. It is a passion project which, I hopes, will capture the imaginations of creatives, readers, art-lovers and dreamers alike.

Not only does it serve as a dictionary, of sorts, but it follows a narrative, of sorts, with words and themes weaving together with each added image.

This project is currently on hold but will be continued.

For more information, and the written parts of this project you can visit the official Tumblr and a series of blog posts here, on



Candyfloss is a whimsical exploration of colour, simplicity and focus with minimal and simple styling, using the crown as a base for the colour scheme throughout.

It aims to evoke the carefree nature of childhood, while still giving a sense of mystery and secrecy as can be seen in fairytales. It contains within it a sense of wonder that one might find in dreams.

Model, make-up: Bethan
Styling, crown, photography and processing: Elou Carroll