Black Tea, Cream Tea, Chocolate Tea, Blood
Kaleidotrope (forthcoming)

For Sale: A House in Snatches
There Used to Be a House Here, Night Terror Novels (forthcoming)

A Book of Mythologies
Fathoms in the Earth, Air and Nothingness Press (forthcoming)

Dirt and Blood and Silence
The First Five Minutes of the Apocalypse, Hungry Shadow Press (forthcoming, July 2023)

Corvid Queen (2023, online)

You Row and You Burn
The Deadlands, issue #22 (2023, online)

They Come to Return Home
Hexagon SF Magazine, issue #12 (2023, online)

They Commune With the Dead Using Biscuit Crumbs and Wine
Baffling Magazine (2022/23, online)

also available on the Neon Hemlock Patreon!

I Am Held in the Hands of God Who Is Named Walter Potter; or, from the Case of ‘The Death and Burial of Cock Robin’
FlashBack Fiction (2022, online and audio)

Pearlskin, or the Oysterman’s Wife
If There’s Anyone Left, Volume 3 (2022, print and ebook)

In Which Our Lovers Surely Drown
CloisterFox (2022, print and ebook)

Here We Go Round the Hardy Tree
They Came From the Closet, Prismatica Magazine (2022, print and PDF)

Their Ghoulish Reputation, Dark Lake Publishing (2022, out of print)

Good and Kind and Gone, All Gone
Love Letters to Poe Volume II: Houses of Usher, Fun, Fiction, Fandom
(2022, hardbackpaperbackebook and large print)

You Hope, Through Shivers and Sweat
Haven Speculative Fiction (2022, online)

Holy Water Makes My Wicked Throat Smooth
The Crow’s Quill Magazine, Quill & Crow Publishing House (2022, online)

A haunting (poetry)
Parentheses Journal, issue 13 (2022, online and print)

Tatterdemalion, or of Apple Bough and Straw
Luna Station Quarterly (2022, online, print and ebook)

Read Elou’s interview with LSQ here.
Featured in the Horror Tree newsletter.

Beside a Cemetery, a Stone Wall, a Skeletal Tree
Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles – Volume II, Shacklebound Books (2022, print and ebook)

We Cower in a Ruined Castle and Hope Not to Hear a Ghost
Ghostlore, Alternative Stories & Fake Realities Podcast (2022, audio)

The Curse Uncursing
IRONWOOD, MYRIAD Digital Zines (2022, online)

Girl in Glass, Brightly
Spirit Machine: Tales of Séance Fiction, Air and Nothingness Press (2022, print)

Become a Flute, Become a Spyglass, Become a Knife
Grimm & Dread: a Crow’s Twist on Classic Tales, Quill & Crow Publishing House (2021, print and ebook)

Was included in the Ladies of Horror Fiction Readers’ Choice Awards 2021 Top 10

Ghost Light; or, to Swell So High That He May Drown Her in Him
IN SOMNIO: A Collection of Modern Gothic Horror, Tenebrous Press (2021, print and ebook)

To listen to an extract, please click here.
Read Elou’s Author Spotlight Interview with editor Alex Woodroe here.

Seaborne Magazine (2021, PDF download)

A Gift, a Witch and a Wakening of Honey
Hexagon SF Magazine, issue #4 (2021, online)
reprinted in the Hexagon Year One Anthology (2021, online)

Recommended by fantasy author, Marie Croke
Reviewed in Quick Sip Reviews
Nominated for the Pushcart Prize anthology

Conferring With Ghosts Between the Hours of Three and Four Forty-Five in the Morning
Underland Arcana (2021, online, ebook and print)
reprinted in Underland Arcana Deck One (2021, print and ebook)

Such a Shame
Walled Women, issue #1 (2021, online)

Shattered Moon, Hungry Sea
November Flash Fiction Challenge Winner
Apparition Literary Magazine (2020, online)

Like Shedding Skin
Emerge Literary Journal (2020, online)

The Boat and the Boy
101 Words (2020, online)

Pit Stop
perhappened mag, issue #2: ROAD TRIP (2020, online)

The Great Green Forever
Shortlisted for the HG Wells Short Story Competition (Grand Senior Prize)
and published in Vision (2020, print and ebook)

To listen to an extract, please click here.

The Art of Doing Nothing (poetry)
Aloe (2020, PDF download and print)

Last Night in the Forest, or the Dendrochronology of Dying
self-published flash fiction (2020, online)

Bryophyta (poetry)
Pandora’s Box/Inbox (2011-12, print and online)