Dementia Activist

rohra-dementia-activistDementia Activist is the candid memoirs of translator and linguist Helga Rohra, who was diagnosed with Dementia at age 50.

The brief called for a striking, simple design, aimed at trade audiences. The colour palette of the photograph leant itself to a classic, muted look and I fell in love with it. The cover was accepted on the first draft, as was the typesetting.

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The Mouse’s House

The Mouse’s House is a book of reflexology exercises and an accompanying story for parents and children. While reading the story aloud, the parents are encouraged to perform the reflexology techniques.

I was tasked with creating a series style for this and follow up titles, and uses colours picked from the book’s cover and illustrations. The second book in the series received a different colour treatment but the typography and layout design stayed the same

If you would like to purchase a copy of The Mouse’s House, please visit the Singing Dragon website.




Tackling Selective Mutism

smith-and-sluckin-book-shotTackling Selective Mutism is a guidebook for parents and teachers, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

The book needed to be accessible for parents while also being appropriate for professionals – we wanted the cover to be both inclusive and positive.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Tackling Selective Mutism, please visit the Jessica Kingsley Publishers website.






Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps

scheinbaum-book-shotStop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps  is a self-help title from Jessica Kingsley Publishers imprint Singing Dragon.

The initial draft for this cover was created during quick-fire cover design sessions for a catalogue – very little was changed from the original draft (the sans serif was originally a serif, and the word ‘in’ moved around a few times).

The interior was designed to match, and aimed at a general trade audience.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps, please visit the Singing Dragon website.






Reframe your thinking around Autism

Bridges - reframe your thinking around autism (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)Reframe your thinking around Autism by Holly Bridges is an accessable, parent-friendly book about the Polyvagal Theory and Brain Plasticity in relation to autism.

Designed and typeset to brief for Jessica Kingsley Publishers, aiming to enhance the earlier self-published version and put it in line with JKP’s vast catalogue of titles. As a trade title, I was allowed to have fun with the design, echoing the footprints of the zebra on the cover with the decorations around the page numbers.

To purchase a copy, please visit the Jessica Kingsley Publishers website.
Bridges - reframe your thinking around autism COVERBridges - reframe your thinking around autism pp34-35Bridges - reframe your thinking around autism pp84-85

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

An MA project for the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies looking at the book as an object, as well as revitalising classics for newer audiences. To read more about the project, please see: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – an MA Publishing Design Project.

The project incorporated book design, photography, digital imaging, moving image, copy-writing and web design.

Model: Rebekah VZ
Hair, make-up, styling, costume design: Dress.Simple
Photography, retouching, illustration, video editing, and design: Elou Carroll