Here We Go Round the Hardy Tree forthcoming in They Came From the Closet (pre-orders now live!)

It’s been a while. Hello, ghosts and ghouls. How have you been? I have been all kinds of hazy, which has been an experience, but I have also been avidly scribbling away (like I do). I’m so happy to be making this post. Today, I received a wonderful acceptance for one of my favourite stories—this one had a hard time finding a home, but I am so happy with the home it ended up haunting.

And so, without further ado, I have a story forthcoming in the Prismatica Magazine hallow-zine, They Came From the Closet.

My story, “Here We Go Round the Hardy Tree”, features

🍃the Hardy Tree, which is my favourite real-life tree and you should look it up
🪦St. Pancras Gardens, home of the aforementioned tree
👻a lot of ghosts, including the ghost of a walrus (the walrus is real too, or was, anyway)
👧and a girl who is definitely not afraid of the dark and absolutely does not believe in ghosts

If that sounds like your jam and you like spooky LGBTIQA+ stories, poems, essays and art, as well as spooky stories, poems, essays and art by LGBTIQA+ writers and artists… you can preorder it here.

As is customary, here is a little snippet to whet your whistle:

Pilarie Johnson is not afraid of the dark and that, she tells herself, is why she hasn’t turned on her flashlight. It is not because she doesn’t want to see the photons scatter when they meet the dead and go from a beam to a hazy glow, making the apparitions solid, just like headlights on fog, like she learnt in Science class—because ghosts do not exist and Pilarie Johnson does not believe in them anyway.


Additionally, the wonderful Their Ghoulish Reputation is available right now, and you can purchase it from the Dark Lake Publishing website! 

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

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