Doewife now available to read on Corvid Queen

So it turns out, I could have written three blog entries this week. If you follow me on the big blue bird app, you will have seen a small flurry of news over the last few days. I’m going to savour it, though, and post about another exciting thing next week. Lovely. Now, onto our (ir)regularly scheduled update: I have some new writing out today!

This is a special one. I know I say that about all of them (and I believe it too), but Corvid Queen holds a special place in my heart. Ever since I started sending my work out into the world like tiny little ducklings with tinier, pleading eyes, I’ve been reading Corvid Queen. I love Corvid Queen. As soon as I discovered them, I knew I wanted to write something specifically for them.

“Doewife” is that story, and I really hope you love it as much as I do.

Read it now on Corvid Queen.

Roe has an arrow in her chest, right through her heart. If she reaches up, she can brush the feathered fletchings still protruding from her back. Her husband tells her she must never remove it; to pull the arrow is to shake the hand of death.

elou carroll • doewife • corvid queen

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