The First Five Minutes of the Apocalypse, featuring Dirt and Blood and Silence, now available for pre-order

Hello. It’s been a while. This is going to be a two-blog week for me. Watch this space. The first update—this one—is one that I’ve been itching to share for a little while now. Itching, I tell you! My short story, “Dirt and Blood and Silence”, will be appearing in The First Five Minutes of the Apocalypse.

I took this title a little bit literally. “Dirt and Blood and Silence” is a raw little slice of a story, and it hurts my heart. I love it a lot. More on this nearer the publication date…

The First Five Minutes of the Apocalypse is now available for pre-order. Just look at that contributor list, you know you want it.

Order your print copy here.